Elbasan, Albania (Central Coop)
Tirana, Albania (Office)

The organization has an incubator where we are able to hatch when we need different kinds of eggs such as chickens, ducks, quails and other birds' eggs. We will soon need a bigger incubator in order to hatch more quantity of eggs.

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Egg Gathering & Storage

Eggs are gathered at least two times every day. There are enough nesting boxes with enough privacy to the chicken laying the egg. This element is often overlooked, but privacy is important to a laying chicken in order for her to be stress free and in turn produce eggs more often.

Nesting boxes are cleaned often and hay is changed every few days to keep eggs clean.

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Chicken Feed Delivery

The delivery of chicken feed is done every week. The feed is fresh and we are using different types of grains depending on what works better based on the age. When young, we feed them more corn and later, more barley, wheat and commercial feed. The grounds around the coop have insects and greenery that are needed for their omnivore diet.

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Coop Construction

Most people still build coops the old way. They make coops too low, too small, put the wrong roosting bars and provide a hard to clean place. No wonder their chickens delay as much as they can going into the coop to sleep at night and have issues with fleas and lice. We have studied and asked specialists and have come up with portable, yet sturdy and easy to put together setups. We make sure that our coops provide the chickens with the safety and space they need. Coops are also made to allow for portability when possible and easy to clean.

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Central Coop

This is the place where we are able to show what we preach. We have groups of people visiting us and learn the techniques. Our desire is that when people see it, they want to start their own coop.

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Coop Example

We are working on several coop designs, which must be suitable for the area where they are distributed. In the colder areas, brick and mortar coops while in the field areas, we use wood and metallic mesh/net.

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The framework always includes new materials. This ensures that the coop will last longer and the chickens will be cleaner. We try to make sure that cleaning the coop is not a hard work to do. Keeping a clean coop is essential to the health of the chickens and to the eggs we also consume.

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Tirana area 4
Installation on Location

We have been able to provide chicken coops to several NGOs and to many rural families. We have generally been able to assist all who needed our assistance and have been assisted or build more than 25? Coops so far. We will continue doing so based on requests and funding we have available.

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