Elbasan, Albania (Central Coop)
Tirana, Albania (Office)

Project Info

Month Total Project Duration (LDS: 12 months + IFT: 15 months)
Different Location and Regions of our Distributed Coops for Families & NGOs
Total # of Chickens at locations (June 2024)
Chicken Coops Implemented to Date (June 2024)

About the Project

Our central coop in Elbasan is hosting about 200 chickens. We use quality and organic feed for our free pastured chickens and allow them plenty of room to roam.

We also work through NGOs to reach families in need to host their own chicken coop and produce their own eggs. This project consists of both a portable chicken coop package and the expansion of our central chicken farm. The chicken coop package includes all the materials, animals, feed, instructions and knowledge for selected NGOs and beneficiaries with land who feed the poor to be able to host and produce eggs. The coop is installed by us on delivery, and we provide additional guidelines for maintenance. Each NGO and beneficiary has at least one dedicated person responsible (either a villager, family in need, one with experience in farming), to host the land, coop and animals.

As of May, 2024, the IFT Eggs project, titled "Sustainable Egg Production for NGOs and the impoverished in Albania" has now entered the third phase of its development. In the first phase, we focused more on the building of small family oriented coops of chickens and also built and distributed a full package for the poor families and NGOs. In the second phase, we expanded our central coop where we practice and teach sustainable and humane ways to treat chickens. The has proven worth the investment since there are not a lot of other coop examples like this in the country. In this third phase, we will continue investing in the longer term upkeep, with the sustainable concept applied. We are putting together these concepts:

  • Humane treatment of chickens
  • Sustainable methods with little additional investment and low cost for producing coops.
  • Chickens don't necessarily need a fancy place, but a safe and stress free place to live.
  • Egg selling which brings profitability and reinvestment in the project, through care for the customers who in turn become loyal
  • Adding innovation and new information concepts applied to the coop maintenance

Most families still keep chickens the old way while there are things that make life better for them and cheaper and easier for us as we serve them. No cages are used, no antibiotics, no stress, with outdoor sunny living, and includes even pasture raised birds. Meanwhile, we continue to distribute even more chicken coops to families in need.


2023 Eggs Project Results

75 people fed every day

Equivalent of 75 people fed 1 egg every day of the year.


Implemented, including 12+ fully built from scratch, and others repaired or assisted as neccessary.



Providing qualitative eggs for children and elderly

Building many chicken coops across Albania.

Providing a model for other organisations

In order to raise chickens for their own use in their premises.

Raised to high standards, with room to roam, organic feed and not too many friends squeezed into one place.

Chicken Central Coop

I claim myself king in this place.

With that said, it looks pretty clean in here.

Rooster Local Coop

I think I will just rest here a little. I had a nice birth and this guy seems friendly enough, so I will just take a break from eating now.

Chick Local Coop